eXenSa : new site, video teaser, we have moved

We’ve made a lot of progress at eXenSa, and I’ve had less and less time to publish our results (also, since we’ve moved to a more sensible kind of data, I can hardly publish results about it).

On the entrepreneurship front, the news are excellent :

  • Brand new website with a video teaser (english version here)
  • We’ve moved in a new place
  • First customers are beginning to knock at the door (the product is ready but I want to make sure it’s perfect before opening the registration process to everyone, so we start a pilot program with choosen customers)

On the science front, we’ve made a lot of progress, thanks to the help of the Centre Francilien de l’Innovation and the famous Credit Impot Recherche which allowed us to do our research with a relative peace of mind. Major improvements have been made, mainly on two points :

  • the core embedding computation methods have been made more robust in some conditions
  • the knowledge injection mecanism has been vastly improved, especially from the point of view of inference

That’s all for now, I still have got a lot to do to make this a business success :)